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Cheryl Johnson, MA
Mckinleyville, CA 95519

Do What You Love... Love What You Do!

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn.

Cheryl offers career coaching to people in all stages and walks of life, and complements this by also holding fun, insightful and short-term workshops on lifestyle issues.

Whether your vision is:

lucrative leadership
voluntary simplicity
family friendly jobs
or third world disaster relief ... Act Now.

Define your dream,
Take calculated risks with solid support,
Get up-to-the-minute market place information
Meet your financial, intellectual and personality needs
Make choices for passionate work
With room for future opportunities,
You deserve it!

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“I was in such a terrible place – laid off from a demoralizing job in a small town during a downward spiraling economy. Coaching with Cheryl, I was able to work through my grief and fear to remember that I am a talented, valuable person. Within weeks I was able to connect with work I love at twice the salary I had before.”

Christine Campbell, CR Plus Senior Programs Advisor, College of the Redwoods